About us

Bhaskar-Tejshree Memorial Foundation (BTMF) is Registered in 2015 with the government as a non-profit organization in memory of late Dr. Bhaskar B. Thapa, a world-class geotechnical tunnel engineer and Late Tejshree Thapa, a renowned human rights activist, BTMF has currently two major areas of work: a) Cardiovascular Health Promotion and b) Human Rights.


Empower school adolescents of 10-19 years with proven interventions to protect themselves from the five cardiovascular behavior risk factors (CVDs), the no. 1 killer and gender discrimination and sexual harassment, a twin problems.

We work to build capacity of teachers, health workers and youths on health and human right issues. Further, we provide scholarships to selected female students pursuing law degree from Nepal Law Campus.

We advocate to mainstream proven interventions in public systems like health and education. For this, we work with all levels of government and different non-state actors.

We continuously publish and disseminate various books, booklets, poster, pamphlets, videos and web articles in tribute to Bhashkar Bahadur Thapa and Tejshree Thapa, as well as to transfer knowledge to the public.