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Bhaskar-Tejshree Memorial Foundation (BTMF)

is Registered in 2015 with the government as a non-profit organization in memory of late Dr. Bhaskar B. Thapa, a world-class geotechnical tunnel engineer and Late Tejshree Thapa, a renowned human rights activist, BTMF has currently two major areas of work:
a) Cardiovascular Health Promotion and
b) Human Rights

Heart Sutra - Pragya Paramita

Heart Sutra primarily consists of a dialogue took place at Vulture’s Peak near Rajagriha between the great bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara and Buddha’s disciple Shariputra. The words are inspired by the blessings of the Buddha, who remains absorbed in samadhi meditation until the end of the conversation. It is also based on Arya Avalokiteshvara’s deep reflection on the perfection of wisdom – the only absolute truth and the pure distillation of wisdom.
By reciting and contemplating on the meaning to this sutra, one can purify the negative emotions exist within. It can also help gaining power to drive away negative forces that obstructed the individual to see the absolute truth.

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